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Closet Wars

Closet Wars
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Hello to all my beautiful ladies, are you guys ready for 2020? Well if you haven't tackled your overwhelming closet your answer should be NO, sorry not sorry! I know it's a hassle and time consuming but it has to be done. But just think of how much easier your life will be when all you have to do is go into your closet and you can actually find what you're looking for. I promise you'll thank me later. 

The beginning to an end, an end to the frustration of being in a closet war. I want to give you ladies some simple tips that can and will make your life so much easier, but you actually have to do them. Get your pen and notebook, I know how much us ladies love a good notebook. And get ready to jot down some notes that's going to save you a lot of time in the near future. 

Go to your closet, whether that may be a walk-in or a sliding closet, take a look around and just breathe. The tasks may look grueling and it very well may be but you can do this. Please write this down on your notes, "YOU CAN DO THIS!" Oh, I think i forgot to mention to pour yourself a nice glass of wine to help settle your nerves, this can really be useful. Ok, remove every item from your closet, one by one and while your're doing that be sure to start a pile for damage clothing and donation clothing. Now, how to determine what's for the donation pile you ask? That would be clothing that you haven't worn in 9 months to a year, out of style pieces, too big/small pieces or that dress that you bought just because it was $10 even though you knew it was ugly. Once you've completed that step, arrange your clothing according to item and/or color. I like to organize shirts with shirts and so on. I know once you're actually going through the process it will feel more complicated, but you will get through it I promise. Do not give in to the urge to quit! 

For my ladies who want a helping hand with this mission there are companies like Pretty Bold that will come in and do all the work for you. All you'll have to do is relax and turn your head because that corduroy shirt and those jeans from 2 sizes ago, has got to go sista! We will even recreate new looks within your wardrobe, now tell me that doesn't sound like a dream. Let's go into the New Year with 20/20 vision in every area of our lives. If you or someone you know that is need of a Closet Cleanse that lives in the Southern California, Inland Empire area, email us at The Pretty Bold team is here to help!


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